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every Spring Break passed from high school to college, and i would envy the trips to Panama City or Cabo while working one or two jobs at a time; not knowing just how far Divine spirits would take me. majority of my experiences below were made possible with benefits from my bestCuzfriend's job & the analytical Virgo mindset I credit much of my "risky" yet successful moves to. i also like to make clear that much of my joy has occurred frugally, those looking to spend lots of cash on social media moments won't find much gold here; please enjoy the smiles, however.

Freeport & Nassau, Bahamas

Cruise with Family 3 Days 4 Nights, something like that lol

First Ever Cruise & Trip "outside of the states"

My favorite thing about this trip was the endless drinks and quality time; the "oddest" thing about this trip was probably the food, but at the same time all you can eat ain't never THAT bad lol

San Jose, Costa Rica

Lodging: AirBnb close to the city; Transportation: didn't need any outside of trips to/from airport.

Activities: Most of the attractions, restaurants, nightclubs were in walking distance. Visited the Zoo; meet a fab group of Queer Eye guys and drank beer with my bestCuzfriend <3. Medicinal: The cannabis was on a 1.7 here... praise their lungs.

"Oddest" thing on trip: Hamburguesa con queso reminded me of a spam sandwich; the La Bella y la Bestia (Beauty & the Beast) shot was interestingly good. My favorite thing about Costa Rica has to be the architecture, super surprised to see the structures I did. Shoutout to my colleague Corey Dodd whose lineage starts in CR 💚🤞🏾🔗 Last year, we were able to grant Corey a sponsorship to attend the 2019 Black in Design conference!!

Philipsburg, St. Martin (Sint Maarten)

My first trip by myself... hopped on a flight as soon as I left checking in with a client I worked with at the time who owned a club lol way too much Rum my first night; stayed in an AirBnb here as well owned by some fabulous locals (hey Diane & Peter) in walking distance to restaurants, groceries, a gentleman's club and a casino... i experienced a lot of firsts in Sint Maarten now that I reminisce haha. This was a short turn around 2 nights / 3 days i believe; I've been patiently waiting to go back ever since!!

"Oddest" thing on trip: walking through cemetery to get to beach. My favorite thing about Sint Maarten was the energy, it wasn't extremely busy; totally got Get Rich & Go Retire vibes.

Tel Aviv & Jerusalem, Israel

My first trip out of the country by myself.. I was at the time supposed to be renting my home out and getting ready to "expat" but you know what happens when you make plans... LIFE. I had to cancel my trip to Morocco in October but couldn't bring in my 27th Solar Return with out a trip to an origin.

So as being my "crazy" self I utilized Couchsurfing for the first time, met some extremely dope Israelis (follow my folks ), and I got to experience the New & Old Jerusalem. This trip was extremely entertaining, with boosters on the Holy Grounds and all lol; making it one of my top 'to-go' places . The vibes were very warming. With similarities, I visualize as how the early Americas were with the spark of mass production, I send nothing but love and light to my tribe in Tel Aviv. & look forward to the day I can return and indulge more into the history that exists on this gorgeous land.

"Oddest" thing on trip: Seeing how they treated their less fortunate population. I had a lot of favorite moments in Tel Aviv, from my birthday song to dancing at the Reggae club, to the beautiful Queen telling me how Hollywood Gorgeous I was at the nail salon... I really enjoyed the people of Israel. The cannabis was on a smooth 5.8 here but the blend of tobacco takes it up to a good 7 haha give thanks to the community of creative minds!

Casablanca, Morocco

International Layover Alert

God blessed me with a "do over" from my 2017 cancellation including a free room and food in route to Nigeria. My 16 hr "trip" in Casablanca was a mouthful for the time spent. In short, I won't go back without being paid lol it was a sight to see but the energy of the people from this colonized country is not anything I ever want to experience again.

Lagos & Osun State, Nigeria

My 2nd time overseas by myself and my 2nd time using Couchsurfing (Shoutout to my good Sis Debbie @wakawithdebbie ). This was the trip that was going to make up for ALL of the spring breaks I had never taken; this was the healing I wanted to give my younger self and it was absolutely everything and more.

Read more about my new tribe here. Travel was hectic, Lagos is extremely busy so i DO NOT recommend taking the trip by yourself (i had all the Orishas with me know that)!! From the airport to Surulere was about 20-25 mins in decent traffic.... let's just say I was not mad at Atlanta traffic for a good bit when I returned those roads are something else. The akados were really fun, even after getting bit on my eye by a mosquito? days before my 29th birthday *dead* i would share the experience with others time and time again.

The cannabis was on a 6.5-8 here, I'm very grateful.

Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire

Beautiful oh, beautiful!! Cote d'Ivoire is a place made for me... I just gotta get that whole French part down lol.

I stayed in an Airbnb here as well, didn't turn out that great but my substitute Airbnb suite made up for it perfectly.

I happened to be here during the unfortunate timing of DJ Arafat's death/burial; this made my trip really fragile, but I would definitely have to say it turned out phenomenally for me not to speak their language past 1-10 and a few colors.

"Oddest" thing on trip: Seeing the reaction of DJ Arafat's fans. I really enjoyed the food in Abidjan, I ate the best avocado I've ever had here. I'm considering this to be one of my escape destinations.

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