What are CHA ♀ NGES ?!

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we can't live life without them. we can't learn to appreciate the good or the bad without them. Sam Cooke sang about them, Tupac rapped about them. they make the world go 'round, but for us it's where "healing for generations to come" starts.

it's learning to put self first without shame. it's focusing on creating a well-balanced life you can proudly show up for. it's joyfully sharing your resources because you are not only abundant, you believe paying it forward will echo into many more good deeds beyond what your physical life will see.

it's being holistically healthy so that YOU can be the change you want to see in the world.

& we, the CHAiNGES fund, make this happen by two very important steps:

1) supporting first-time small businesses, specifically women owned with their development; regardless of the stage they are at in which includes but is not limited to: research development, marketing, organization, staffing and contracts & documents


2) providing resources to those with criminal backgrounds to help them restore their lives and resume productivity in their lives for themselves and their family

So when you #MakeACHAiNGE, that could be:

referring someone to us for services, booking with one of the women owned businesses we partner with, buying from one of the women owned businesses we partner with, donating to our organization, sponsoring one of our events, volunteering with our organization & so much more

ultimately, it will be....

healing generations to come!

written by our Founder, Desirae' 'Sunni' D.


To say it was more than I'd ever imagine or everything I knew I need, would make this experience typical; my homecoming was far from that. Stay tuned for my detailed debriefing of my young self’s dream coming true, how it was both disappointing and fulfilling within itself, my budget and spending details, and the CHAiNGES that were made!!

Meet Debbie :

Meet Amie :

Meet Kari :

Meet Femi :

Meet JC :

Meet Prince :

Check out a few of my favorite moments below!! Have you visited your dream place yet?? If not, drop in the comments where you want to go and WHEN!! You never know who’s reading and ready to #MakeACHAiNGE 💚🤞🏾🔗

-Desiraé the Director

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