how not to buy a home

Updated: May 29


WOW folks what a time to be freaking alive eh? whew we alright out there, we still living & guess what the last three months of 2018 are still ours to dominate!! i believe in one of my ramblings i mentioned how stressful trying to sell my home had been (losing 9 pounds in a month’s time is never ok; the process took 12 -_-) HOWEVER heaux i am HERE to give the good news! i survived *enters Clear to Close, finally* man both

journeys had their extreme pleasantries and headaches. i created this simple guide to help you prepare for your home buying and/or home selling experience!

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I purchased my first home with an all (Black) woman team; I had hopes of doing the same during the sale, but hey I guess a one Wombman team counts too!

Learn exactly how long the process took, what I loved & what I hated, and of course what I would do differently if anything!

PT 2 will include, life after closing

PT 3 will include, life as a seller & now

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