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Updated: Apr 29

It truly took some time to settle back into this writing, not because of the subject… all because squarespace decided to crash & eye didn’t begin in docs as eyeve reminded myself many times before, urgh (hey self-accountability)

anywho Sunday of course was Father’s Day and for me it was by far *note-worthy* because i didn’t wake up with not one bitter vibe in my soul. for the first time as a wombman who’s never met her biological daddy, i didn’t care. i didn’t have a desire to prove myself worthy to someone who didn’t even matter. i didn’t have any ill feelings either, the cords, to my acknowledgment finally cut and filled. i did however find time to scroll down my TL and saw some zaddies eyeve never seen before (hey big head lol) & i also spread a little text love to the guys i SEE be in they child’s real life. all the feels man but more importantly though for the first time eye had this amazingly subtle solar plexus idea to “interview my grandfather”. BAYBEH eye was lit! lol

sn: eye do want to include that the spark happened during the early evening time & thanks to the #GirlCode (shoutout to Christina) eye was introduced to Mystic Lipstick last week and off rip subscribed so yasss shoutout to #energyhealing Danielle Ayoka! here’s how it went:

turkey: how did becoming a father change you?         

grandpa: well some of things i use to do i couldn’t do them no more                              turkey: was you in them clubs grandpa?                     

grandpa: lol no i couldn’t hang out, couldn’t come home when i wanted to turkey: ok what's the biggest lesson you've learned from  being a dad?                      grandpa: lol being responsible

turkey: and what’s your favorite thing about being a dad? 

grandpa: lol idk where you get these questions from? never really gave it any thought                                               

turkey: lol so you telling me the free dinners aren't your favorite?!                                            *lots of laughter*                                                         

grandpa: yeah getting calls and getting cards Happy Father’s Day all that kinda stuff that’ll work lol

he didn't think answering my questions was that bad (so everybody else must comply now lol) in what could seem like such simple answers to some eye truly gained so much & this keepsake memory itself will be timeless.

Infinite thankhs to the God that inspired and created the Dillon clan as eye know it James Richard Dillon Sr. for always accepting and loving evvvvery little bit of this wild child, for attending my high school and college graduation, for always answering the phone or being sure to call me back within 5 mins cause “Oh, I was just in the bathroom” lol, for most certainly making sure i have always been A1 when my little buggy decided i was about to go on yet another road trip, and for definitely being by far the hardworking level headed and loving grandFATHER a child could ever be blessed with. <3

oh yea what did eye take most from the answers received? the human that eyem going half on a baby with should be out there learning to be just as responsible as eye AND don’t come my way until you know that hanging out with me & coming home when eye need you too = F.U.N. (for.u.nigga) LMAO

lotsoflove & beerhugs #HFD Kings!

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ADDED 4/2020

maintaining consistent communication with my grandfather has become a priority grounding activity for myself. about 6 months after the former part of this post i was moving back to Roanoke to be closer to my grandparents, as my grandmothers condition had gotten to its worse; February 2019 she passed away and i stayed around to be closer to my first true love.

we started our annual garden... i actually went to church with him a few times (& he made me stand up as a "visitor" even though i grew up in High Street Baptist! LMAO).. i cooked for my grandfather... we watched Set it Off & WWE & of course the Cowboys and Indian shows.. it is one of the happiest times i will hold in my heart forever.

he told me about his first job and how he was only paid $1/hr maybe a day i was baffled nonetheless... he also told me about the "be gone by dark" threats he'd received in Hot Coffee, MS when he first started driving... i am so happy with the moments i'm able to enjoy with my grandfather these days, they give me the chance to pass on healing to my legacy.

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