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this will serve as a thread for all the nitty gritty, droopy titties, not so pretty, but "ooo i'm still hot AND fiddy" information, we may have had with our moms, we've always wanted to have with our moms, we got from somebody else mom, we picked up becoming moms, and the sorts.

this is our sacred safe space to learn, grow, restore & heal... for generations to come; somebody's gotta keep a level balanced mind right?! lol

first up, is the healing modality that's help me bridge business & personal, find balance and grounding; love and acceptance for all that ties into my special sauce: the Yoni Steam/Womb Sauna experience.

as womyn, we obviously go through the most transitions of any other mammal species and thus this simple but unavoidable thing became a focus for the work I started years before. i was 27 years old when i was first told i had a few millimeter fibroids invading my personal space. plagued again by something i felt i wanted to blame DNA for; (see my Mental Health story here) i didn’t let it pull me further into depression gratefully because i had already implemented natural healing modalities into my regime and felt extremely confident on my ability to naturally dissolve them. i was 25 years young when i experienced my first Yoni Steam at Sweet Spot Atlanta, and it wouldn’t be for another year before i had another. [Scroll down to read more about what brought me to this journey] When i was granted the wonderful opportunity to apprentice at the same location i learned the severity of consistency, and my once dream of supporting people through homelessness was evolving into supporting the healing and restoration necessary before any worldly material gains are carried, not to mention weighing down on our centers of creation and life. At the age of 28, I received my Yoni Steam Certification from the Yoni Steam Institute, and since have been on the path to restore and heal for generations to come; to come into wholeness, to come into wealth, to come into wisdom!

those who have personal converations with me during this time feel the passion i have to help womyn regain their power within. offering complementary services such as spiritual consultations, ionic foot detoxes, selling herbal pads & handmade yoni steam blends, hosting womb dancing and yoga outings; my center, my “i” in CHAiNGES is clear. As i move forward, in pursuit of a Doula Certification and a Degree in Law (several focuses solidified), I’m excited to be a part of getting to the root of the work that needs to be done. Shining the light and supporting individuals in order to pour back into our communities fruitfully and consistently can only be done when our wombs are disrespected, threatened, confused, traumatized to keep the list short lol and most importantly I am so honored to be entrusted by the many growing chaingemakers of this global tribe to see us all to holistic freedom.

a few FAQ's shall we:




Are you dealing or have previously dealt with any womb disorder, trauma, misconceptions etc.? What was that moment of clarity like for you and what have you done since to ensure you find the appropriate information for YOUR womb? Does your current area lack what you’re seeking to obtain holistic freedom & what would be helpful?

-Desiraé the Director 💚🤞🏾🔗

soooo if you’ve read a few of my posts lately you’ll know eyem in this whole (Root-Grounding-1-Family) theme; when i saw that October 15th is Pregnancy & Infant Loss PAIL REMEMBERANCE Day i decided it was time to jump off the porch.... 3+7=10 (1) Earlier this week i had already acknowledged that i was within 30 days to the anniversary of the worst day of my life and made decisions to finally face my truth. 3 years ago that day began a downward spiral of a relationship i had no business being apart of; fast forward to Nov 6 there would be nothing that can hold me to it other than self awareness. 3 years ago, my inner child and i decided it was not the time to bring another life into the world when I’ve been playing with my own, it was not the time to juggle figuring out how to love myself so that I can properly care for my child, it was not the time to try to prove to myself that I could chainge anyone or their effed up actions (and y’all know I love Chainges lol). I’ve heard a many people say you will never be ready for a child; cooool, i will properly prepare my child to be bred with and come into the fullest wholistic world and family possible. Yesss 3 years ago, I was far from ready. Today, i still got lots of work to do but mentally I’m prepared!! So it’s time for the sperm bank (jk but not really) ITS TIME to have some kinda celebratory moment or project SOMETHING to honor and give glory to the spirit, Sehvin. We working on a phenomenal present but in the meantime, Im feeling transparent...

Did i realize it would be harder to keep our promise than i imagined? Did i know the emotional weight really wasn’t going to hit the fan until 2 years after? Did i think i would have to constantly fight with myself that the decision was the best for us both? Was I aware that every year that goes by I would be thinking “oh my baby would be 3 this year... getting ears pierced this day... slumber parties ugh, but i love em.” That every time I go to then work (#nannylife) people would frown their face up, “how can you take care of other people’s kids” and I’m wanting to point out “hey your kids walking into traffic” #ouch I DIDNT THINK MUCH. the most important thing to me at that time and on that day was protecting my child against a man who had no remorse for forcibly disrespecting my body and that of others multiple times (late info... #WhyDidntIReport but really did coming soon); preventing my child from having to face those toxic qualities as well as the ones im cutting cords from. even though there wasn’t much thought then, it’s obviously been a main brain thing & so we heal apply and move forward [with love] and im happy to be here. happy to be closer to fulfilling my promise to Sehvin and closer to sharing my love with the entire world. anyone who would like to connect this month please don’t hesitate to drop a comment 💛  eye love you so much Sehvin eye couldn’t have asked for a better spirit to comfort & love me, you’re a much better mother than i would’ve been thank you for forgiving me as well; it’s takeover time okuuuur


& here i am today, I can't tell anyone I'm better or worse off than I was the day I went through the violation, or the day I had to make the decision, nor the day I began to release... but i do believe I'm on a much more healing path. & i've been able to transform that into my work my passion, i've been able to solidify the foundation the ancestors blessed me with years ago to be able to stand firmly and voice confidently the chainges I'm trying to see. WOW we on the path to holistic healing... we on the path to gain these acres and secure these SafeSpace... we chainging generations to come; now that's a Promise Fulfilled!!

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