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Updated: Jun 24

finding the balance in my personal & my business hasn't been easy... even currently i find myself dealing with the struggle between being transparent & giving people just enough....

here i will share my "toolbox" per say bLessons of a Latchkey Kid for my MATURE audiences... if you want to download the bLessons of a Latchkey Kid for ALL ages (click here)

ok so boom, the "coochie counselor" is my name & strengthening pelvic muscles is my gameeeee RIGHT | yasss i am so in love with being a womb warrior!!

i previously did UNFILTERED reVIEWS so ya'll get a glimpse of my chosen few and i didn't want to let that go! so be sure to check back here for my review on my first actual Kegel Exercise kit, other than my crystal yoni eggs, yoni steams, and kegels themselves i've never really done

anything else to "exercise my yoni" lol

As ya'll know (or should know) you can #MakeACHAiNGE when you start your purchase & have the Chainges fund as your chosen charity to support! So if you're looking for some womb wellness accessories to go with your routine of Yoni Steams, click the banner below!

DROP A COMMENT if you've ever used a Kegel Exercise Tool, in case you don't know the benefits of kegels, keep scrolling... i've also been asked to share my homeowner tale, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter to get an update on when that drops!!

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