Celebration of CHA ♀NGES

doing the work is exceptional; honoring people who are doing the work alongside you is just that, honorable. from the beginning, a conscious effort has been made to awaken our communities on their undercover heroes, empower them with opportunities to meet and collaborate, and uplift spirits to believe in their own capability of making chainges.

check out our previous Celebration of CHAiNGES mixers and the honorees below:


Terence Lester is the founder of Love Beyond Walls is a movement birthed out of the hope that love is greater than walls. Our Founder was first introduced to this phenomenal leader in 2014, when she volunteered for one of their Love Gatherings at the center on Peachtree and Pine. She met a young man then who her spirit supported her in helping him in his journey facing homelessness; a cause that she herself had to overcome and knew she felt a glimpse of purpose sprout. She continued to support their work donating when possible, showing up for Love Gatherings when possible, and spreading the word about their great work. In 2015, the Chainges fund was ecstatic to receive notice that Love Beyond Walls would be donating backpacks to support our ‘Backpacks to Briefcases’ project which to this day is still the most successful giveback we’ve had. While her availability to continue showing up at Love Gatherings has decreased, Desiraé was able to support Terence at a viewing of his first film for the trailblazing Map 18 project. As of 2020, Love Beyond Walls is celebrating 6 years of service and Terence continues to be the voice for the homeless through various initiatives.

Miya Bailey is the mind, the eye, and the creative spirit behind City of Ink, Art Gallery 333, and Peters Street Station; each entity individually powerful and collectively indestructible. Our Director being a TRUE art collector met this community curator in 2015 to volunteer to paint what we all enjoy now to be as Notch8Gallery and was enthralled with the legendary conversations shared. Showing up to events like the Enough is Enough exhibit honoring Trayvon Martin, the Pimp C exhibit, Windows to Nowhere 2, and the world renowned COI Anniversary block party, etc. supporting his expansion with the inclusion of an art community center, and patronizing with not only Mr. Bailey himself but the greats influenced by his one of a kind work ethic it only made sense to honor such an incredible person during our first mixer. As of 2020, Miya just celebrated his 13th Year Anniverary Show at City of Ink and continues to be a global chaingemaker we all can learn from.

Jay Morrison “poverty kid, high school drop out, 3x felon, turned mogul and activist” caught our Director’s eye when he decided to host 12 FREE Corner Classes in 24 Hours. A tad skeptical of the marketing, unfortunately due to previous experiences but more interested because of her own experience as a young first time homebuyer at that time, she made a trying effort after getting home from her evening assistant work to see what gold Mr. Morrison would provide. Thankfully at 2 am that morning he hosted a workshop about 3 blocks away from her property and she walked towards the West End corner where he was willingly volunteering information so many people were sharkishly charging their own kind for. As of 2020, Jay Morrison and his record breaking Tulsa Real Estate Fund team have just celebrated the Grand Opening of the Legacy Center and our continuing their efforts to break financial generational curses by hosting credit workshops and culture events that celebrate all of our glory.

Rebecca Russell is a brand consultant and creative. Bexclusives


Shanti Dias Silence the Shame

Reunekiea Williams

Tyree Smith Artlanta Gallery

Dr. Key Hallmon “speaker, writer, community builder, education consultant, and founder @thevillagemarketatl

2019 : Hussle Gala

Tyree Smith | Dr. Key Hallmon | Jackson Hayes

have you been to an event where you’ve gathered in unity to honor people who influence you to be a contributor in your community? #MakeACHAiNGE & share their information below to help us expand our reach 💚🤞🏾🔗


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